218. PASSAGES. Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. 

217. PASSAGES. South Beach, Miami. That Caribbean sky . . .

216. PASSAGES. Baltimore. The trade-off between the “artistic” effect of low-fi equipment versus pristine technical values. The lens was plastic not glass, the camera wanted to overexpose by two stops minimum, but something might be lost had it been techically perfect.

215. PASSAGES. Saskatchewan, Canada. So cold that even the air crystallizes. But the sun shines. Always.

214. PASSAGES. Northampton, England. There is no damp, cold light like English damp, cold light. “All this time the river flowed in the falling light of a Northern sun.” – Gordon Sumner (Sting), of Newcastle.

213. TRAVELS IN INDIA. Mumbai.

212. TRAVELS IN INDIA. New Delhi. The “backside” of Connaught Place.

211. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Spring sunshine in Soho.

210. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Morningside Heights. Looking southwest from a rooftop after a spring snow, a few blocks east of the Hudson River.

209. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Morningside Heights. The 7th Avenue local.

208. LONDON ON FOOT. Whitechapel. One always fears nonstandard roots when visiting London, so a warning sign is appreciated. For more, see the safety bulletin: http://www.hse.gov.uk/safetybulletins/lampcolumns.htm

207. LONDON ON FOOT. Charing Cross Station. Charing Cross is the center of London, the point from which distances from London are measured. The Queen Eleanor Memorial Cross (midground), is one of twelve crosses erected by King Edward 1 (also known as ‘Edward Longshanks’ and ‘The Hammer of the Scots’) in memory of his wife, Eleanor Castile. She “was better educated than most medieval queens and exerted a strong cultural influence on the nation. She was a keen patron of literature, and encouraged the use of tapestries, carpets and tableware in the Spanish style, as well as innovative garden designs. She was also a successful businesswoman, endowed with her own fortune.” She was born in 1241.

206. LONDON ON FOOT. Cask Conditioned Ales in Greenwich. The Thames is on the other side of the modern building on the left.

205. LONDON ON FOOT. Whitechapel.

204. LONDON ON FOOT. Greenwich. Alleyways.

203. LONDON ON FOOT. City of Westminster.

202. LONDON ON FOOT. Gatwick airport. Opened as an “Aerodrome” in the 1920’s, privately owned, and is like a museum for 1970’s design. Far more fun than Heathrow.

201. LONDON ON FOOT. Royal Borough of Greenwich.

200. LONDON ON FOOT. Deptford, London Borough of Lewisham. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, an icon of English poetry, was penned in 1750.

199. LONDON ON FOOT. Whitechapel.