Yearly Archives: 2018

Story #263. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Upper East Side.

262. PASSAGES. Cape May, New Jersey.

261. PASSAGES. Cape May, New Jersey. There is something both sweet and sour about a resort town off-season–a vibe caught beautifully in the Merchant/Ivory film, “Remains of the Day.” The stillness and silence are a welcome respite from the collisions of midtown Manhattan. This photo was taken in late dusk, almost dark, and would not have been possible without HDR, Photoshop, and the insane light-sensitivity of digital (shooters from the analog world are surprised by how few lights they need nowadays, and have to adapt to the phenomenon of imaging devices being more, rather than less, light-sensitive than the human eye). The advances in photographic technology in the past 20 years are genuinely astonishing.

260. PASSAGES. Cape May, New Jersey.

259. PASSAGES. Cape May, New Jersey. Ever feel that you are trapped in an Edward Hopper painting?

258. PASSAGES. Cape May, New Jersey. Jersey’s “other coast” (Delaware Bay, straight east of Baltimore). It seems every region on the planet has that little-known gem.

257. PASSAGES. Atlantic City, New Jersey. The famed boardwalk on a chilly autumn morning. At this time of day the boardwalk is populated by seniors on the morning constitutional. A springy wooden surface beats pavement any day.

256. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Flatbush, Brooklyn. The deep, dark, delightful midsection of Brooklyn that sees few visitors. Wiki: The name Flatbush is a calque of the Dutch language “Vlacke bos” meaning “flat woodland” or “wooded plain”.

255. PASSAGES. New Haven, Connecticut. Yale University fronting as Dracula’s castle.

254. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Queens Bridge.

253. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Woodside, Queens. The classic low-rise architecture of the outer boroughs aside, this photo features a digital camera trying to be Kodak Ektachrome.

252. NEW YORK ON FOOT. The Bronx. Maybe not the Bronx per se, but taken on a bridge over the Harlem River that connects Manhattan and the Bronx. Looking southeast toward Queens.

251. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Williamsburg Bridge. Looking west to Manhattan.

250. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Psychological insight on the hood in the hood.

249. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn. This look is ubiquitous in the industrial northeast, but reaches its full splendor in NYC. “Nineteenth Century Steel Construction as American Epistemology” would be a worthy doctoral dissertation.

248. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Hells Kitchen. Being just a few blocks from the Theater District, there has to be a pun about “hoofers” in there somewhere . . .

247. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Brownsville, Brooklyn. Street scene in the life of New York on the eastern end of Eastern Parkway, my favorite steet due to its similarity to boulevards in Paris. Art writers talk a lot about “narrative” in photos, or “movement in a still image”, which is about subjective contour and incipient motion.

246. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Greenwich Village.


244. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Hell’s Kitchen.