Monthly Archives: March 2016

109. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Midtown East, Manhattan. There are several places around midtown that give a perspective on the Chrysler Building, but this one on East 46th is the most dramatic.

108. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Upper East Side. Neoclassical motifs and foliage on a spring day in Manhattan.

Park Ave water
107. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Upper East Side. An homage to Edward Hopper and the two remaining firms in the city that build wooden water towers. Calling them “NYC’s misunderstood icons”, a local news report claims that “the average wood tank holds 10,000 gallons of water and costs around $30,000. A steel tank would cost up to $120,000.”

Staten tree
#106. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Staten Island. In a city that has a look all its own, it is always surprising to find views of it that could be anywhere in North America.

billy boys
105. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I am not sure how, but this image distills something of the spirit of Williamsburg. Maybe its the swagger, the barbecue and the bridge . . .

c heights
104. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Looking northwest down Washington Avenue from Eastern Parkway (the Manhattan skyline in the background). The photo gives a clue as to why its called Crown Heights.

BX sign
103. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Randall’s Island. Looking at the southern tip of the Bronx. You can’t see it, but in between flows a narrow straight called Bronx Kill.

Gerritsen end
102. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn. A shoreline community in south Brooklyn that was flooded out by Hurricane Sandy. I made a short video to publicize their plight, and thanks to heroic volunteers it was not the end for this fascinating neighborhood. Link to the video here.

Bus dist
101. NEW YORK ON FOOT. East Midtown, Manhattan. This image reminds me somehow of the Manhattan short stories by O Henry. They are worth reading, certainly not for their literary value, but they capture something of the restless aspirations of “The City”.

TS Midtown
100. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Midtown Manhattan. The allure of Times Square and the nocturnal motion of the city.

Park Ave viaduct
99. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Midtown Manhattan. Under the Park Avenue Viaduct on East 45th Street.