Monthly Archives: August 2015

Woodside corridor
38. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Woodside, Queens. Under the 7 train.

Mott Sky
37. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Mott Haven, The Bronx. Just north of the Harlem River. Living in the enclosed concrete and steel canyons of Manhattan, it often comes as a shock to see the sky.

Hunters Point2
36. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Hunters Point, Queens. Near Silver Cup Studios, with the Queens Bridge and various elevated subway lines forming an entertaining tangle of overhead steel structures.

CH blizz
35. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Crown Heights, Brooklyn. An Ashcan School mood looking North on Eastern Parkway.

Boogie topography
34. NEW YORK ON FOOT. The Bronx. The topography of the Bronx. Just west of the Grand Concourse, one of the great thoroughfares of the world.

33. PASSAGES. Dilke, Saskatchewan. One visitor described this place as “miles and miles of miles.”

Harbour132. PASSAGES. Inner Harbor, Baltimore. Pleasure craft in the foreground, cranes and the remnants of a thriving shipbuilding industry in the background. Pittsburgh and Baltimore are the cities in the Eastern USA that wear their industrial past and newfound optimism well. The intersection of old and new can create quality of life.

Baltimore 231. PASSAGES. Baltimore. Baltimore is visually complex, but also an unusual crossroads: not quite the South, but not Northeastern either; a heavy industry town busy reinventing itself, but also a nautical culture (Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the US). It was once the second leading port of entry for immigrants, and is one of only 41 independent cities in the USA. Possibly the most interesting (and maligned) city on the East Coast.

ghost town
30. PASSAGES. Baltimore. The ghost town found a few steps from Johns Hopkins Hospital. One of the oddest places on the planet.

Baltimore 1
29. PASSAGES. Baltimore. An adorable city that has some epic dead zones.