Story #288. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Brownsville, Brooklyn.

287. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Upper East Side. 5th Avenue. This neighborhood has “a high percentage of the world’s billionaires living within a thousand feet”.

286. NEW YORK ON FOOT. East New York, Brooklyn.

285. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Randall’s Island.

284. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. “Spike of Bensonhurst” is still one of the best movie titles of all time.

283. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Sunnyside, Queens.

282. PASSAGES. Birmingham, England. An enormous interior space called Grand Central. We have one of those.

281. TRAVELS IN INDIA. New Delhi

280. LONDON ON FOOT. Greenwich. London is both ancient and modern. It can be uncomfortable.

279. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Morningside Heights.

278. LONDON ON FOOT. Whitechapel. The vegan hair salon portion of this photo is dedicated to Lulanita.

277. PASSAGES. LONDON OF FOOT. Royal Borough of Greenwich.

276. PASSAGES. Atlantic City, New Jersey. Tawdry, sweet and salty.

275. LONDON ON FOOT. Deptford. A district in the SE Borough of Lewisham. Deptford is what New Yorkers call “the hood”. I don’t generally buy that kind of talk, but I took a sociology course in college so who’s to say.

274. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Third Avenue. Midtown. 14 days to Christmas.

273. PASSAGES. Los Angeles. Downtown.

272. TRAVELS IN INDIA. New Delhi. There is no place like this place.

271. TRAVELS IN INDIA. New Delhi. Old Delhi is another proposition altogether.

270. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Bath Beach, Brooklyn. A tiny neighborhood south of Bensonhurst on the southern shore of BKLYN. The Verrazano Narrows Bridge is in the background. “Bath Beach held one of Brooklyn’s earliest African-American settlements. Freed slaves were given a parcel of land to settle in the mid-nineteenth century.” (Wikipedia)

Story #269. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.