Story #305. LONDON ON FOOT. Royal Borough of Westminster.

304. PASSAGES. Downtown Los Angeles. Like New York, LA rarely looks like it does in magazines and TV commercials.

#303. PASSAGES. Beijing airport.

302. PASSAGES. Cape May, New Jersey.

301. NEW YORK ON FOOT. The Bronx.

300. NEW YORK ON FOOT. A Midtown rhapsody in blue and orange.

299. TRAVELS IN INDIA. Mumbai.

298. TRAVELS IN INDIA. India Gate, New Delhi.

297. TRAVELS IN INDIA. Null Bazaar, Mumbai.

296. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Turtle Bay, Manhattan. New York has its own look, but often its just the sheer volume of visual stimuli.

295. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

294. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Times Square Station. I have no idea what my phone camera was thinking on this one.

293. NEW YORK ON FOOT. The Bronx. Riverdale. The most non New York look in the most New York borough.

292. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Morningside Heights.

291. PASSAGES. Washington, DC.

290. PASSAGES. South Beach, Miami. SoBe provides a rare opportunity to use the word “idiosyncratic”.

289. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Queens Bridge. The only thrill that perserveres in this nutty place is its unique beauty.

288. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Brownsville, Brooklyn.

287. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Upper East Side. 5th Avenue. This neighborhood has “a high percentage of the world’s billionaires living within a thousand feet”.

286. NEW YORK ON FOOT. East New York, Brooklyn.